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40 YEARS of Trusted Care

40 YEARS of Trusted Care

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From simple direct cremation and/or burial options without services, to full funeral services and visitation options, memorial services, and celebrations of life (casual or formal, onsite or offsite), Mighton Funeral Home can arrange and direct almost anything you have in mind. Just ask us!

Consultation meetings can be booked:

  • At our funeral home
  • At your home
  • or over the phone and online

In whatever manner you wish to celebrate the life of your loved one, we are here to serve you. Our compassionate and experienced staff will guide you and assist you in making your decisions, providing you and your family with information about the many options available for services to honour your loved one.  We understand that every person, and every family is unique – you can trust that we will listen, and provide suggestions to best suit your needs and wishes. Those who know us know that they can count on exceptional, friendly service, every step of the way

In this current day and age, there are now a variety of options for final disposition and destination for your loved one’s remains. From traditional full body earth burial or inurnment and burial of cremated remains in a cemetery, to ‘green burials’, to simple cremation with the option of scattering the remains, etc. However, a very important option to consider is whether or not to offer family and friends a viewing period before the burial or cremation occurs. Research has shown that this can be a very important step psychologically for people after a loss. It can help surviving family and friends significantly with processing, coping with, and grieving their loss. Viewing options can vary anywhere from a short private informal viewing period, to a more elaborate and formal gathering.

Even if it is your wish for cremation, burial, or other disposition to take place immediately after death, without offering a viewing, many families still opt to offer a time of gathering for family and friends, such as a visitation or life celebration and memorial service. After all, the celebration of one’s life is also about the ‘living’ - it is an important and valuable experience for the surviving family members during their grief journey, and provides the community an opportunity to show support. Our funeral home and expert staff members work with the families we serve to help provide a comfortable and meaningful time of gathering, personalized to the loved one they have lost, allowing family and friends the opportunity to express their feelings and to show support. Knowing others care and share in your grief will help in your healing.


We are committed to the families we serve, and strive to ensure all the essential details are taken care of. Together we will celebrate the life of your loved one!


Cremation & Our Crematorium

Did you know that there are only a few actual crematoriums to serve our geographical area?  Like all funeral home and cremation transfer service operators in Grey and Bruce County, Mighton Funeral Home has always had to offer cremation from crematorium facilities in other nearby areas such as Flesherton, Guelph, Waterloo, or Strathroy.  No funeral home or cremation transfer service operators in Grey and Bruce County have an actual crematorium facility onsite.

But did you also know…..?

Mighton Funeral Home is proud to be a part owner of SouthWest Crematoriums, providing exceptional, efficient, dignified cremation service in 3 state of the art facilities operating in Strathroy, Flesherton, and Guelph. Investing in these crematoriums has allowed our funeral home to ensure we continue to offer affordable and dignified cremation service to the many families that continue to trust our Funeral Home with the care of their loved ones.

Providing exceptional service at an affordable price has always been a core value of our funeral home.   


~ Do you have more questions about the actual cremation process? 

~ Wondering what items can and can NOT be cremated with your loved one?

~ Want to know the laws regarding scattering of cremated remains?

Just give us a call or email, and we would be happy to answer and provide any other information we can to assist you. 


Price List

Has a death occurred and you are looking for more information?  Or perhaps you are preparing for the future and going through estate care planning and funeral prearrangements? 

Questions about our pricing?  Looking for an accurate and honest quote? 

Call or email and we would be happy to provide a quote and detailed information to assist you.

At Mighton Funeral Home, we are proud to provide quality and dignified service to the town of Hanover and surrounding areas of Grey and Bruce County for 40 years.  You can trust that our pricing is both competitive and fair.



Download a printable version of our price list here.




Prearrangement Options

Considering estate care planning and end-of-life prearrangements for you or your loved one following death? We can help.

There are a variety of options when prearranging, and likewise, many benefits as well.  Options can range anywhere from simply leaving information on file at our funeral home with notes of your preferences and choices, to full planning and prepayment of funeral services and cremation fees or cemetery property.

Here at Mighton Funeral Home, we encourage the prearrangement process to be inclusive and reflective of both your own wishes, and the wishes and needs of your surviving family and friends – this way you can be reassured that following death, your surviving family will be taken care of during their time of loss and grief, AND your own wishes will be followed as well. We encourage everyone to make sure they have their wishes well documented, share them with their family, and ensure they have a legal will and an executor for their will that they trust to follow through on their wishes.  

Regardless of the approach you decide to take with prearranging, it will reduce a significant amount of stress, decision making, and burden from your family and loved ones at the time of death, allowing them to focus on their family, their grief, and their own needs during the time of loss – this also helps to avoid conflict, and stress from the worry of making wrong decisions. Not to mention, it can also provide comfort and assurance for financing, and protect against future inflation.

Any prepayments for service are held in trust, and insured, so that you can have peace of mind.



Have more questions? 

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Consumer Information Guide

The Bereavement Authority of Ontario (BAO) governs all funeral homes, transfer services, crematoriums, and cemeteries in Ontario on behalf of the Ontario government and the applicable legislation - their mandate is to ensure consumer protection.  Below is a link to their Consumer Information Guide (CIG) - a general guide to death care in Ontario.  Click here to read the guide.


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